Yashraj Mukhate: Shehnaaz Gill is very entertaining

Yashraj Mukhate: Shehnaaz Gill is very entertaining

Yash Raj Mukhte recently reunited with Shehnaaz Gill after his song ‘Sadda Kutta Tommy’, this time the two are seen singing and dancing together. Speaking about their latest collaboration, Yash Raj told Mid-Day. Com, “Shehnaaz is very entertaining as a person. This time when we met, we were talking about his fans and how they really love him. I told him that he is very famous. He said ‘You are also famous, otherwise I would not make videos with you.’ We shot a vlog together and the reactions to our previous videos were great too. His fans are real and they are the ones who make the video viral. They share it everywhere and have been trending it on Twitter for two days.”

Watch the video to find out more!




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