Yami Gautam: Not many films reflected my calibre

Yami Gautam: Not many films reflected my calibre

As a school teacher behind the kidnapping of 16 children in A Thursday, Yami Gautam has apparently stepped into a role far removed from the tried-and-tested role. While the actor did not feature any actors playing similar roles on screen, he did take a fair share of international films. “There have been some good psychological thrillers in the past. I saw a couple of movies. I love the genre, but had to leave a lot to the imagination. I had to make up the story of my character [relatable] And it takes a lot of homework.”

Gautam says that his desire to understand the psyche of his flawed character made a huge impact on him. “When I reached the set, I felt a heaviness in my body. I realized that my goal was to understand Naina, and not judge her. Mental adaptation may prevail, but it is an important part of the process.”

a still from a thursday

Recognized as a lively actor, Gautham says he drew similar parts, most of which, she says, “were not real reflections of me. [calibre] As an actor”. She doesn’t discredit the work that comes her way, but points to films like Uri, Kaabil and Vicky Donor that showcased her skills. “I am constantly on the lookout for such scripts. that could help me express myself, as an actor, I need to explore my potential. A Thursday presented that opportunity.”

In line with the role she landed for the Disney+ Hotstar series, Gautham made it a point to avoid getting acquainted with the kids she holds hostage on screen. “One child is equal to 10 children on the set. We shot with 16. I didn’t want to be too familiar because they didn’t take me seriously when the cameras rolled. They were very smart and aware, and we understood each other’s energy. He is an integral part of the film, and he has done a great job. For some sensitive scenes, we had to make sure that we shoot them separately with the kids to get the desired response. ,




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