We should not condone threats, misbehaviour

We should not condone threats, misbehaviour

A groom sought protection from the Borivali police from three eunuchs who allegedly barged into his house and threatened to attack his family on the day of his wedding.

A report in this paper said that the complainant said that the eunuchs even misbehaved with the family and made them strip in the residence for refusing Rs 21,000, which they had demanded in return for their ‘blessings’.

A case has not been registered, but the Borivali police were on the lookout for eunuchs and visited wedding halls as well as grooms’ homes over the weekend.

However, this is a lesser form of ‘eunuch terror’ that many people in the city face. While transgenders may be discriminated against and find it difficult to earn a living, such indecency, ‘undressing’ to humiliate and intimidate, mumbo-jumbo and threats of non-payment of money, and other forms of violence against people Bullying has been going on for far too long and needs to stop.

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This happens at the birth of a child, any kind of celebration and, to a lesser extent, in normal, everyday life, and citizens are bothered to pay. Humiliation is an important part of this pattern and threatening to strip the impostor is a real threat if someone doesn’t pay up. It is to force people to pay to avoid this so-called ‘final shame’.

Recognizing that this group faces enormous challenges, one cannot and should not ignore this behavior on the streets, inside trains, at traffic signals and other public places.

How serious this harassment is, and no laughing matter, can be gauged from the fact that the police had to ‘protect’ a family who chose not to make threats for money Was.



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