We need to make gardens, parks safe spaces, too

We need to make gardens, parks safe spaces, too

Recently, two youths were attacked by three men in a Thane garden. Two youths had gone to make a video in the garden adjacent to a lake in the area. He was approached by knife-armed assailants who were trying to steal his mobile phone. Both the boys managed to escape.

Safety is a problem in parks and while there is sympathy for boys, it is important to stay away from gardens after they are closed. The wall of this garden, like many others in the city, is broken and Thane Municipal Corporation officials need to move twice as fast to fix it.

We need to see good lighting in these parks and if increasing police presence is difficult due to shortage, other security personnel can help fill this gap. It is also important that there is good CCTV surveillance in the park and surrounding areas for obvious reasons.

The ongoing pandemic has put a lot of stress outside. These places are becoming the ‘safest’ in terms of the virus, by allowing people to get some fresh air and sunshine, to enjoy in nature and to lift some of the depression that has arisen due to restrictions, fear and uncertainty of the future. Has happened. ,

It places great emphasis on having a safe environment in the park, otherwise their skeletally protected gardens, poor lighting become ideal opportunistic places for hooligans and hooligans. It is also imperative to listen to the community, the local people around these places, who may have insight into a bad situation or a continuing worsening situation, and for local police officers to respond appropriately.

Mumbai’s emphasis on being green is a welcome one, but we need to ensure that our gardens are not only green getaways, but are safe, temporary, protected from the stress and strain of confined life.



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