We need to be more vigilant with online transactions

We need to be more vigilant with online transactions

Cheating season continues with the Andheri family after they booked a helicopter ride to a temple in Jammu and Kashmir’s Katra. In a report in this paper, a fake website was created in the name of Shrine Board.

A family of six paid Rs 20,000 for the journey. An internet search led the family to a website citing helicopter bookings. The person contacted through the phone listed on the website seemed authentic with all the information and even sent the booking details. Yet, when the family asked for tickets, they found that the number they were communicating with was blocked. The authentic Shrine Board was then contacted and when asked whether this particular number on the Internet was the Board’s number, they found it to be fake. A complaint has been registered with the police.

Commons often create websites similar to original websites, only one or two images may differ or the address may be changed slightly. It is best to check two or three websites on the Internet if a particular organization has different websites. It is highly unlikely that a trust or board will have two or three websites, only one authentic site.

It is very similar to the copies of designer goods that we see being passed off as originals. A small change of logo, or lettering can be enough to deceive the unsuspecting.

In the meantime, the original and authentic Shrine Board must put warnings on their sites to check for authenticity and not be deceived by shady, slick operators.

Police need to act at the earliest as these unscrupulous elements dupe hundreds of people working on ‘quantities’. The amount may be small for one person, but they may have made a substantial amount as the scale of the operation can be huge. Close in opposition and shut them down effectively.



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