We must be vigilant about online fraud

We must be vigilant about online fraud

One of the most unfortunate trends in the last two years has been digital fraud. As our world went online due to the onslaught of Covid, cyber criminals were hard at work, trapping people in different nefarious ways.

The editing space has highlighted how cyber police are constantly playing havoc with online criminals, measures people can take to stay safe and the importance of being quick when making a complaint.

Another red flag is searching the contact on Google and then calling the numbers that show up. The paper details how a Mira Road resident was duped of nearly Rs 1 lakh while trying to book an online appointment with a neurologist. The police intervened and the complainant was able to recover Rs 77,000.

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The victim was looking for a neurologist’s appointment for consultation. On recommendation, he looked through the net and called a number that popped up. He was asked to pay Rs 10 and fill an online form with his debit card details. After this, he came to know that a huge amount has been deducted in two different transactions.

A fraudster had created a fake web page containing contact numbers and addresses. Police said conmen are creating fake pages to dupe people who turn to Google for contact details.

Fake web pages are becoming a huge trap because of course they look identical to the original, that’s the whole point, but also because people are often in a hurry and can’t bother to double check.

Even when the card asks to pay amounts like R5 and R10, there is a mental double act. Instead, tell the person you are talking to online that you will come to the office/location, pay an amount and make an appointment.



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