Vote for Lobo Lobo

Vote for Lobo Lobo

Lobo came wearing a kurta-pyjama and a khadi waistcoat.

“Hello,” said Lobo Lobo with a dazzling smile through his Ray-Ban colors.

“Lobo Lobo, can you inform me…. uh why… uh?”

“Dikunamenji, dat, don’t look ‘zapped’, but to be honest, I’m entering politics!”

“But my friend, in case you haven’t noticed, there are no elections in Mumbai!”

“Hey boss, what the people of our city are talking about, I am standing as an independent candidate from my home state Goa… you know, guys, the state is going to have assembly elections at the end of next week. Huh?”

I nodded my head earnestly.

“Everyone is walking around like a fun round…just take Ms. Mamta…Didi to everyone…Madam for me…She is trying to add some glamor to the Goa elections, so she Date tennis player…washisnam, ah Leander Paes…a crazy idea…he has a good serve game, but ‘ow he’ll serve de people, I ask? Beaver parties doing politics, making a ruckus No one cares about my dear Goa, so I am planning to stand as an independent candidate from two 40-seat constituencies… Quepem and Cambarajua!”

“Why from two constituencies, Lobo Lobo?”

“Hey man both our PM and Rahulji have stood from two constituencies each, so why not me… Frankly speaking, standing from two gives me better chances, at least, I will win in one! Don’t say, Dikunamenji?”

“Point taken, but what are these two places in Goa that you’ve never heard of?”

“Hey you are a typical Mumbai tourist… just going on vacation, drink beer and prawns at Dooz Beach Shakes in Baga and watch Morjim.”

“Okay, moving on from your barbs, what are these places, Quebec and Cumnabaya?”

“Hey Dikunmenji… Quepem is a place in South Goa and Kambarjua is in the North of Goa.”

“And why these two specifically… why not Calangute or Palolem?”

“It’s my duty, Dikunamenji… My shit came from Quepem and Dad came from Kambarjua.”

“Oh that’s so familiar and familial!”

Lobo Lobo has removed his Ray-Ban.

“It’s not such a comfortable ‘story’, see my parents had Romeo-Juliet type, Laila Majnu ‘Gotala’ initially…”

“Care to explain, Lobo Lobo?”

“So it’s time for Goa’s liberation, in the 50’s… My mother’s family was a prosperous landowner in South Goa! My poor father… He comes from a fisherman family… Dey could barely make a living. find it! .

Dere Aankhen Met for Day First Time – Lair at sunset, my dad made a campfire, and my mess, he has a voice like Nina Simone men, he sang ‘You Fill Up My Sense’ to my dad . ,

“How cute! So it wasn’t like Capulets and Montagues at all… a sad ending?

“In my case de Carvalhos and de Monteiros … the tank god no one committed suicide, but solid tension, ‘My muddy side tried to marry her to some thana badass fellow – dad and mom had to run away and Had to come to Bombay!”

“So all’s well that ends well?”

Lobo Lobo shook his head.

“So let’s get back to the election… I guess you’re all set to stand still… You made the choice to the best of your ability?”

“Yeah guys… I’ve also given every house a free dish antenna… it’s my symbol too”

“And what is your election promise?”

“Hey men, I guess people should ‘have fun’… so dey should be allowed to dance over beer on the beach, shack open all night… cool men!’

“Okay, and so what is your political party called?”

“It’s called LPP.”

“and what does it mean?”

“Let’s have a party party,” he concluded.

Rahul Dakunha is an adman, theater director/playwright, photographer and traveller. Contact him at



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