Vivian Dsena to be a student again

Vivian Dsena to be a student again

The decision to play a college student in the recently released daily soap, Sirf Tum was not an easy one for Vivian Dsena, who has been away from showbiz for two years after his role in Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki in 2019. To change myself physically to look like a college boy [at the age of 33] It was a challenge,” said the actor, who used his childhood training to get into the character’s skin.

Vivian Dsena, Esha Singh in Sirf Tum

While dabbling in football since the age of 10, Dsena, who never went to college by self-admission, suggested that his character, Ranveer Oberoi, be a college football player. “My father always used to say, ‘Athletes are not made, they are born’. I believe in my sport. Sports have always helped me in life, so when [I got this role], I knew it would be challenging [to achieve] That change, but I wanted to take it. after all, [a person’s] The real character comes out only when [under] pressure,” said dsena, he added that he also hit the gym and followed a strict diet to look the part. “I needed to increase my physical strength and athletic ability to make sure I didn’t look the wrong way. Diet is a discipline. It can be difficult, but it’s needed.” Though she isn’t a gym body, Dsena didn’t shy away from dumbbells for the show.

“I have always tried to keep myself fit by playing football. But for the show, I had to go to the gym and work hard to get the right physique. I have reduced my body fat percentage and about 10 kg in about 45 days.”

While actors are busy exploring the digital space, Madhubala Actor Insist that the television medium will never die. ,[Although] not me [classify projects] Be it web or TV, I have been in this industry for 14 years. Television has been around longer than OTT, which is barely five years old [in India], The web may be doing great, but old is gold. Television still has great reach, [especially since] Not everyone has started watching content on their mobile phones,” said the actor.



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