Vidhi Pandya says this THIS `Pushpa` number suits co-star Vijayendra Kumeria

Vidhi Pandya says this THIS `Pushpa` number suits co-star Vijayendra Kumeria

Soumya and Armani Moose Chal Ki Jaaye, starring Vidhi Pandya and Vijayendra Kumeria, is currently one of the most loved onscreen jodis of the small screen. In a conversation with, both of them answered everything their fans wanted to know.

Which according to you is the best romantic scene of Saumya and Armaan so far?
Vijayendra Kumeria: There is a scene where Armaan proposes to Saumya and does it in a very romantic way. So this is the most romantic scene we have shot.
Method Pandya: A scene we just shot in Armaan’s office cabin, I am not sure if I can reveal the details right now but it is a really good romantic scene.

Which song or movie title does your co-star like best?
Vijayendra Kumeria: Vidhi has been a good friend for a long time so I chose Yarana.
Method Pandya: Bidda came from Pushpa, this is my base.

Your co-star has a weird habit?
Vijayendra Kumeria: If she knows something bothers you, she will keep repeating it! So this is weirdly funny!
Method Pandya: He has a good sense of humor but doesn’t have any special habits that I can think of.

Your couple got memorable fan comments…
Vijayendra Kumeria: People have been saying that they are waiting to see our chemistry, it’s great!

Message for the fans who love watching you both…
Vijayendra Kumeria: You have been very kind and loving. I believe that whatever I am is because of you. Please watch our show and give us love and support. I am playing a very challenging character again so please watch it!
Method Pandya: Please shower all your love and blessings on us, I am so grateful for the love you have given me during my journey and we really need it now!




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