Tough road to success

Tough road to success

Having started her career at the age of seven, Aanchal Sahu, now 16, has already bagged her third show as a lead after Kyun Uchche Dil Chhod Aaye and Barrister Babu. She has been cast to play the role of a “reserved, shy, ordinary girl”. [which] The actor, who plays one of the lead roles in Ekta Kapoor’s Parineeti, says, “The stark contrast to the hyperactive characters I have played before.”

Aanchal Sahu

The show revolves around two soul sisters – Parineet and Neeti, who are estranged from each other. One has big dreams, while the other is not so ambitious. Where one is reserved, the other is outgoing. Fate puts them in a situation where they end up marrying the same person. Sahu, who has just started shooting for the daily soap, will play the role of bestie for Tanvi Dogra. She says, “It is [barely been] Ten days. I am a bit introverted and never one to approach anyone in the first place. Tanvi is always so cheerful, and we have become good friends [on set]Laughing and doing scenes together. I love his vibe.” The actor had hoped to take a break after Barrister Babu. But when the offers came, Sahu could not refuse.

The actor credits her family for always supporting her choice and pursuing it in the right way. “It was my parents and Nanu’s [maternal grandfather] Want to see me become an actor. They steered me in the right direction and today I found something I love.” But the road wasn’t always easy, she says. “It’s been a good journey for me with a lot of struggle and rejection. I audition. used to go for [all day despite] I am ashamed to face the camera. it was so hard to find [an inroad] in industry. ,



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