Today I am alive because of my wife and kids, says Anu Malik

Today I am alive because of my wife and kids, says Anu Malik

musician Anu Malik Said that his pillars of support in the singing reality show are his wife and his daughters `sa re ga ma pa, As the show will have a family special, a lovely message was played from judge Anu Malik’s family, where they mentioned how he is the strongest person and despite going through the toughest times in his life, he never gave up.

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Anu said: “I would like to say thank you to Zee team for this VT, it was a wonderful surprise for me. I have seen tough times in my life but I must say that today I am because of my wife and kids. ” ,

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He said: “As we always say, big is the pillar of the family, but according to me, the pillar of my family, the pillar of my strength, is my wife and my daughters. In fact, today I am alive.” Just because of these three women in my life. Also, I believe that if you have your family with you, you can achieve anything in life.”



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