Thou shall remain practical

Thou shall remain practical

“Hope all is well, my lady? You weren’t seen last week at our general meeting place…” There was a hint of panic in Sir PM’s voice. “No worries, my dear Firoz,” said Lady Flora Seeing his worried tone comforted him. “I took some time to draft what I think could be an important charter. I was really hoping you could help take this to the next level with your clout, because you have friends in high places…” Lady Flora continued. Till now, Sir PM was curious and he could hardly imagine what important work Lady Flora has done for him.

“Please tell me what I can help; I will be happy to intervene,” roared Sir PM, adding that it is extremely important that his friend thinks so much of him. “Well, you see, Firoz, I was thinking of creating a mini guidebook of some sort that I was hoping the city could follow in these inexplicable times. Tell me what you think about it, and then you can share it with your former executives. This is just a rough draft… but I think it is high time our citizens realized the extent of this pandemic and why we all need to see each other in the bigger picture,” elaborated Lady Flora .

“Of course, it will be my pleasure,” replied the Sir PM. Lady Flora took out a scroll from her cloth bag to read. Clearing his throat but without taking off his mask, he began:
“Get you vaccinated: Please get yourself vaccinated and now that the third dose is also available, take advantage of these facilities. Don’t believe the rumors about side effects and other harm it can cause you. It’s yours, your loved ones’ and yours. It is our responsibility as community members to protect the people around you.

Wear a mask properly: This seems to be one of the biggest issues in our society. Follow the basic guidelines to wear it properly- your nose and mouth need to be covered. It’s not meant to be a chin support or eye patch, or worse, to use as a face napkin. Wear a medically certified mask to fasten securely. This is not a fashion statement, please note. This is your first line of defense in this fight against an unforgivable pandemic.

Don’t take the pandemic after every wave lightly: it’s a concern that comes up again and again. When matters fall, people defend themselves; Life is back as a party where even basic protocol is not followed. Almost no one is stopping you from trying to lead a normal life, but two years after this wretched virus, some responsibility should be a part of our daily routine. Casual behavior has now become a trend, where every time matters go downhill, everyone tends to break all the rules as if there is no tomorrow.

You will maintain the level of cleanliness till you come to the state: The cleanliness of the city needs to be reviewed from all angles- lack of clean public toilets; The growing audacity of spitting out superchamps, betel-eating professionals and gutka-eating gurus, all of whom are part of a permanent largely visible nuisance. Sadly, none of these have learned any lessons after the pandemic. It is up to the civil authorities to constitute a strong task force to keep this gang of troublemakers under control.

You will respect frontline workers: this should be a core area of ​​seeing ourselves as a humane society, where members of the medical fraternity, our police force, and all other first responders get their due, regardless of whether it is to do a better job. situation, have better financial support. And from a mental health standpoint, they are therefore reminded of their invaluable support during this endlessly challenging time. ,

Sir PM clapped slowly. “The points you have raised for Bombay, it is an amazing set up. I will not tell you how, but I have my sources in the building who will make sure it reaches the right table,” exclaimed Sir PM He wanted to do his best to ensure that the initiative did not fail now as the corporation was doing its best to avert the entire lockdown.” But tell me, lady, any reason why only the Five and the 10 Commandments No, as shared by Moses in biblical times?” asked Sir PM. “Firoz, if you read the Bible, you will know under what circumstances God gave those commands to Moses. People went astray, sinned.” Were doing all kinds of bad things. In our times, we need to be practical; five points should be more than enough. Bombay needs to look at 2022 differently,” his friend signed off as They both went back to their respective rugs, hoping that the year would be kinder to the residents of the city.

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