There’s no place for violence in hospitals

There’s no place for violence in hospitals

Violence against doctors has raised its head once again recently. Readers should be aware of the many problems and controversies reported on medical facilities. At that time, relatives of patients used to assault doctors and medical staff, especially if the patient died during treatment. We have always advocated dialogue and emphasized that violence has vitiated the patient-doctor relationship. The system needs to change as it is really shameful if our doctors work in an environment of fear and need for protection.

This time, a group of people allegedly attacked and ransacked a medical facility in Maharashtra’s Palghar district following a dispute over a patient’s bill, leaving a hospital chief seriously injured, police said in a recent incident. Told about the incident.

Reportedly, a group of more than 25 people barged into a hospital, attacked doctors and damaged the medical facility. A patient’s medical bill was the immediate incitement to the attack, it has been revealed.

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Surprisingly, the head doctor of the hospital has been seriously injured. There have been times when patients feel that they have been charged unfairly or they feel that the bill has been inflated. We have many reports about this.

Whether the complainant has merit or not, there is a way to complain and space has to be created for dialogue.

The culprits, nine of whom were arrested, should be punished if found guilty, as such incidents set a dangerous precedent. Those who may have a right or wrong problem with the medical bill can take this as an example, or take supporters to the establishment.

There cannot be a public versus medical fraternity situation in society, as these rifts, mistrust, suspicion do nothing for either side. Violence has no place in a hospital – a place of healing.



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