There’s a buzz about this Indian team!

There’s a buzz about this Indian team!

One thing is sure. If Indian team doesn’t win ICC T20 World Cup It will not be for lack of preparation. Not only have they gone to Australia about three weeks before their first match of the tournament, they are also playing practice games against good teams which should get them ready for the tournament. The old adage, ‘If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ would not apply to this Indian team, as apart from these games in Australia, they also played six T20 matches at home and four of them. Winning shows that they are well-tuned for the big event.

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India has always done well in bilateral white-ball matches, be it at home or abroad, but in multilateral events, it has been stumbling. This has happened in the past because they have become cold at the event. But this is not the case this time around and hence, with a great mix of youth and experience, there is optimism among Indian cricket fans that the Cup should be at home. Yes, other teams are also playing practice games and that should keep them in good shape, but there is talk about this Indian team’s absence. Jasprit Bumrah and Ravindra Jadeja.

The T20 game can turn its head in terms of delivery so the best teams can falter and hence it is difficult to call any team a favourite. The hosts are also the defending champions so obviously they will have a slight edge given that familiarity with the conditions and pitches gives any home team the support of the crowd. The Indian team is blessed to have the support to play anywhere and hence there is tremendous enthusiasm from their fans abroad as well. It can be pressure too, but then, what is the international game where the best of one country plays the best of another and what is that but pressure and more pressure.

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Now, Let’s Call It Wedding

Well a new word wedding has come in the dictionary of cricket. Any player who tries to obstruct the fielder from now on will be guilty of wading. England captain Jos Buttler claimed that his focus was on the ball which was in the air and therefore did not see what happened and therefore did not appeal. But the umpires should have been proactive and sent the batsman in for packing. If the batsman gets bowled do they wait for the appeal? So why wait to be appealed when there was clearly a violation of the law. They have the advantage of a TV umpire who can watch the action in slow motion and take calls. One wonders what the media of the old powers had to say about this blatant interruption? Obviously, he didn’t have much to say as it was a match between two old friends, but imagine if what Wade did would have been an Asia batsman? All hell would have broken down and the spirit of the cricket phrase would have been tied freely.

Let’s face it, when it comes to winning every team will do anything to win and not worry about the spirit of cricket. The real spirit of cricket is when batsmen leave the crease when they know they are out, bowlers and fielders don’t appeal when they know the batsman is not out. Fielders do not appeal for a catch that they know has bounced before it is in their hands. Oh yes, another word like Wedding featuring the former Australia captain could come up for such an exercise. But let’s leave that for another day. Happy Diwali to all the readers.

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