The entertainment industry is the most insecure, says Saanand Verma

The entertainment industry is the most insecure, says Saanand Verma

actor Sanand Verma Spoke at length about the impact of showbiz on the environment and how the actors suffer from depression and anxiety. The actor, who was last seen in the film `. was seen inbubbly bouncer`, said that it becomes easier to be concerned with the public eye. He clarified, “The entertainment industry is the most vulnerable industry and depression and anxiety are more visible in this industry. Since it is a show business we are in the news so people are on the lookout for different kinds of issues that can be with people. Come. Entertainment industry. There are many people who are able to make news in the industry. Since it is a glamor industry, everyone loves to read about it. So here depression and anxiety are felt more. There are easy targets and People feel mental get sick very quickly due to high levels of stress. Here very small percentage of strugglers are successful. Very few of them get the taste of success,” he says.

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He continued, “Mental health is everything to me. Mental health is all right. Unfortunately, it is true that people consider physical health more important than mental health. But in reality, mental health is more important than anything else. Being mentally healthy helps you to achieve physical health. People should be very careful with this and take care of their mental health. It is important to ignore things that cause mental stress Anything that creates negativity should be avoided. When I feel like I’m done I just take care of that. I make sure to ignore the things that provoke my anger. When I feel low, then I hate myself and I always ignore things and focus on the good and positive things in life. I am able to keep myself happy in any situation of life and that’s it The biggest blessing for me.” Sanand said that it is important to follow the above steps to keep the mind and body normal and happy.

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