That `90s show with Vasan Bala

That `90s show with Vasan Bala

what drew Vasan Bala Cinema till death? “Nostalgia,” he says, hitting the nail on the head. After all, we’ve all seen the B-grade pulp movies of the ’90s, deriving pleasure from predictable plots and clichéd dialogues. “Sameera [Kanwar] Vice Studios had a vision for the show. The idea behind it was to show people in flesh and blood, and understand who they are and why their art is the way it is,” says the filmmaker, who serves as a producer on the Amazon Prime Video offering Which is co-directed. By Disha Rindani, Zulfi and Kulish Kant Thakur.

In the six-episode series, 90s filmmakers J Neelam, Vinod Talwar, Dilip Gulati and Kishan Shah come together to revisit pulp films of the era, from cult favorites Main Hoon Kunwari Dulhan (2001) Till Gunda (1998). Through interviews with artists Raza Murad, Mukesh RishiHarish Patel and Rakhi SawantThe series attempts to understand the motivations behind such films. Bala emphasizes that the idea was to study the films, not to mock or evaluate them.

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“The challenge is to put together a team where everyone is on the same page. Once that discussion happened, it was organic. We were sure not to impose our aesthetics, ethics or decisions on the show; tried to stay. we put [the four filmmakers] Foremost, let more people see them and decide. The show will win when 10 people have 10 different opinions about it.”



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