Stringent check of med credentials need of hour

Stringent check of med credentials need of hour

Police have registered a case against a 55-year-old man in Thane for treating patients using the degree of a deceased doctor. The accused had studied only till class X and was treating patients at Ulhasnagar Hospital on the registration of a doctor who died in 2019. A medical officer of Ulhasnagar civic body came to know about the fraud.

Especially in the times of covid, we have got reports of some fake doctors in medical practice. It is shocking to say the least that these criminals have been doing business for months if not years.

In this paper, reports of fake doctors who have been undergoing treatment for years have been printed. Some self-styled doctors have profited in an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty during the pandemic. We have had ‘fake’ links to hospitals for a few years now, until they are detected. These are disturbing and dangerous incidents that may seem innocuous on the surface.

Every medical facility is required to conduct extremely rigorous background checks to ensure that there is veracity in all of these so-called credentials and degrees. They need to hire a professional agency for these investigations, and only then appoint a person once it is sure that it is undisputed and authentic. Working through the pros makes these verification tests less likely to fall, although there may be a chance that a thief could slip in.

We need to be extremely vigilant, and facilities that inadvertently employ these opposition are very sensitive and proactive if complaints are raised. In order to save the face or name of the facility, like some establishments, the matter should be investigated rather than hushed up. Medical councils should intervene and give harsh punishment to these persons as they have put many lives at risk. The new normal should be a tough, non-negotiable approach to this dire problem.



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