Stop feeding monkeys, let forest dept handle it

Stop feeding monkeys, let forest dept handle it

A woman from Malad paid the price for her kindness in trying to feed a monkey a biscuit. She went to the animal and offered him biscuits when he entered his shop and sat on the fridge. The monkey did not take pity on the offer and ripped his face. He had to get stitches because of the injury.

Locals said that the monkey had recently lost a child and was extremely aggressive. It had also tried to hurt a child but failed. Whether we believe in those principles is not known, but it should teach us an important lesson to keep our distance from these creatures, even if we feel sorry for them.

Today we see and hear monkeys in residential buildings, on roofs, sometimes inside commercial buildings. The report said that the threat of monkeys highlights the growing monkey-people conflict not near forests or green areas but in the heart of the city.

We need to keep an arm’s length away from these monkeys because despite kind intentions these animals can attack and bite. They can be very dangerous and we should avoid feeding them or unintentionally encouraging them.

First is the unpredictability because we don’t know what they will do if they see any gesture or outreach as a stimulus. The second is the definite threat if and when attacked. It’s definitely a big problem if there are babies or young children around.

Some local people and even residents consider the arrival of these monkeys as auspicious or a good sign and feed them. If someone is shaken by the sight of simians and thinks it is right to eat, he should not do so. If these wild animals are regularly seen in a certain place, then call the forest department or any responsible organization so that experts can deal with it.



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