Srushti Tawade: If a rap subject isn’t new, it will not interest me

Srushti Tawade: If a rap subject isn’t new, it will not interest me

Thanksgiving after hip-hop music was over-exposed Gully Boy (2019), I had little interest in the genre until a quirky artist found his way onto my Instagram feed. His voice was fresh, his rhyme scheme unconventional. This is how I was introduced to Srishti Tawde, 23, who is nothing short of a miracle on MTV Hustle 2.0. There is no dearth of talent in reality shows, but Tawde has come up with a unique taste that has grabbed everyone’s attention – from the co-contestants to the squad owners and Badshah. While it takes years for aspiring artists to excel in this field, he says that he took the form of art in a year. Let’s say you call it natural.

Joining the reality show also happened organically. Tawade Claims that the idea was suggested to him by a Tinder match. “From dancing to eloquence, I have been a stage person since childhood. Luckily, I don’t suffer from stage fright. Even my physical audition was quite smooth,” she says, narrating her first audition for the show. “Being a full time writer or lyricist has always been my dream. My goal was to write in whatever form I wanted, without maintaining any boundaries. I even wrote a Hindi script for a director, but the project didn’t materialise. ,

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From her first performance on the show, to the latest episode, which sees her collaborating with co-contestant-rapper Naaz, Tawde’s singing has only earned her accolades. The self-taught rapper, whose year-long romance with the genre has brought him this far, admits he has no technical knowledge. “After coming to Hustle, I realized how much I didn’t know about the scene. Since I am a beginner, I haven’t explored many rappers. I can take a lot of insight back from here.” That said, Tawde doesn’t want his music to be tied to too many technicalities. “I don’t have any technical training, and I’m not even trying to be that person. One who can understand every rhyme scheme. I tend to go with the flow, without consciously learning one type of rap or style of rap. I [stay] Far from technical because it doesn’t feel natural to me. I like to write whatever comes naturally to me. ,

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Her greatest strength, many would agree, is her ability to speak about unexplained topics. “In my view, once a topic has been rapped about, [exploring it] Doesn’t make sense again. If there’s nothing new, it doesn’t interest me.” With the show exposing them to different actors and their different perspectives, what’s their biggest achievement?” Some of them have amazing ideas and execution. I believe if some of us collaborate and create something, it can blow people’s minds.” At the top of her collab wish-lists are Paradox and MC Squares. That jamming with them will yield memorable tracks.” MC Squares puts a lot of thought into every creation. I also like Paradox because his performance is so good acoustically, which is what I’m trying to learn.”



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