Spine chilling

Spine chilling

It is fair to say that John Pichaiah Ferry from Brooklyn, New York has received a lot of backlash regarding his way of living. The 22 year old student currently makes an income by buying and selling medical skeletons, spines and skulls. The product design student has over 200 pieces in her morbid collection, which includes a variety of human skulls and over 100 spines and a wall full of skulls—and they’re all housed in her apartment.

Although the nature of his business has raised some eyebrows, Ferry claims that his collection of bones is for educational purposes only, adding that he only “works with medical bones that are useful for doctors and osteotomy studies”. use for”. Most of the bones acquired by Ferry have reportedly been passed down to doctors or other medical professionals, and “come from times where people voluntarily donated them to science or their families.” So, Ferry explained, most of the bones in his collection “have been passed down to older generations”. Ferry has 13 complete skeletons.

final Countdown

Three friends who attended every Super Bowl together, plan their final trip

Three men have participated in every game in the ’80s since the first AFL-NFL World Championship game was held 55 years ago about 7 miles from Sophie Stadium, California, the venue for this year’s event. They are meeting in the game once again this year, but future meetings are in question. Don Chrisman, a Maine resident and the eldest of the group at 85, said it was his last game. Gregory Eaton, 82, of Michigan, wants to participate, but said his health concerns could get in the way. Even Tom Henschel, a football fanatic who spends the cold months in Florida, said Super Bowl LX in 2026 would be his last. Far-flung friends use the Super Bowl to meet, spend time together, and reminisce.

cat out of the world

A nine-year-old cat has bilateral glaucoma, which has turned her once green eyes into two clouds that resemble a prophet’s crystal ball. Her owner, Monica, isn’t the only one who has fallen into the moon-eyed cat’s spell. Many people follow Cat Mom on social media such as TikTok, where Pico has 2,58,000 followers.

This sleeping position reduces the risk of dementia

Studies have found that sleeping in a fixed position lowers the risk of dementia. Sleep specialist Naravan Amini said, “Sleeping on your side has been found to be the most beneficial position for your brain, this position helps your brain to flush out interstitial waste faster than other positions. This can lead to Parkinson’s disease.” or offer many benefits, including potentially reducing the risk of developing neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.”

Google Maps displays a chilling picture

A chilling photo from Google Maps shows Mexican cartel members wearing creepy Halloween masks. A Reddit user spotted a group of four masked men standing in the middle of a street in Moctezuma, Nacozari de García, Mexico. A man who is seen wearing a Scream mask stands next to another man on the side of the road with a Mexican wrestling mask on it. A third person dressed as a werewolf is standing in the middle of the road.

This man has the world’s most insect tattoos

Michael Amoia, a New York-based music producer and entrepreneur, recently set a new world record for most insects tattooed on his body, more than double the previous record. But just because he has a giant centipede covering most of his front torso, and a dangerous scorpion imprinted on the right side of his face, doesn’t mean Michael Amoia likes insects. In fact, the opposite is true, as he says he hates insects and is afraid of them.

The crocodile with the tire in its neck is finally free

A wild crocodile with a motorcycle tire stuck around its neck for six years has finally been freed by an Indonesian bird catcher. A 4.5-metre saltwater female crocodile in Palu, Indonesia, has become an icon for people.

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