Spilling the tea

Spilling the tea

Filthy demands drive the gamble, from perverted customers to asking her to take sexy slurps from their cups so that she serves beverages with “flavored straws” – meaning she drinks straws that are inserted inside her body. . Morris, a young barista, is gaining attention on TikTok by sharing her everyday unusual experiences with many customers.

“So I know it sounds crazy, but it’s definitely happened to me several times.” Grace Morris, 20, of Cafe Fox, explained this to her more than 8,48,000 followers in a trending TikTok clip. In the percolating post, which has been viewed more than 1.7 million times, Morris—Joe, daily, wears lacy lingerie, corsets, and thongs to serve cups of Joe to patrons at a roadside coffee shop in Washington state—of a commenter. Responding to the one who asked, “However though has anyone ever asked you to take a sip from their drink?” To that interrogation, the blonde bombshell said, “[Customers] are always like, ‘Oh, will you try my drink first?'” she mimicked. “Or like, I’ll go to hand it to them, and they’ll go, ‘Five bucks if you try it first .'” Initially, the requests bothered her. Despite the awkward nature of the quote, Morris happily pokes fun at her regular customers.

Get rewarded for not using the internet

Minnesota teen Siewert Klefsa won $1,800 from her mother for staying away from social media

A Minnesota teen won nearly $2,000 this past weekend from her mom for doing the unimaginable thing she does today: abstaining from social media for six years. The Facebook craze began in 2016, when the mom of a Motley Fool resident, Lorna Goldstrand Klefsas, challenged her then 12-year-old to abstain from using the social network until her 18th birthday. KARE11 reported that if the boy did that, he would get a check for $1,800 from him. Lorna’s son was up to the challenge. “At 12, I really didn’t have such a good concept of money,” Sievert said. “So, I was like, ‘Oh sick, yeah—of course.'”

Lorna was inspired by a radio contest called “16 for 16,” in which a mother offered her daughter $1,600 if she stayed off social media until her sweet 16. Naturally, a teen living off social media may sound like a live sea bass. help. However, Sievert said he didn’t use social media at all when he was 12, recalling the time he signed up for Snapchat only to delete it a day later.

When we die, life shines before our eyes: Study

A study published in the journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience is based on one of the first recordings of a dying brain, which occurred accidentally at a hospital in Vancouver. This unprecedented new study sheds light on what happens in our bodies in the moments before and after we die. The study found that brain activity such as meditation, dreaming or memory recall passes over the brain in its final moments, suggesting that humans may have a final sense of calm when they pass away.

African men disguised as Arab women; Arrested

Three African men in Algeria with half their faces covered in dense makeup foundation can be seen posing for mugshots. The sad-looking trio were reportedly caught in Algeria after authorities noticed that they were not who they claimed to be – Arab women dressed in traditional clothes.

Opel sold for over $1,40,000

A gem, billed as one of the largest gem-quality opals in existence, was sold at auction in Alaska for $1,43,750. The opal, known as “Americus australis”, weighs over 11,800 carats. Opal is larger than a brick and breaks into two pieces, a practice used decades ago to prove gem quality.

Teacher ‘airdrops’ sex tapes to students

An alleged sex tape of an Ohio teacher has been suspended after she was “airdropped” on 200 students at her high school. Incriminating footage involving the teacher and her boyfriend was stored on the teacher’s cell phone and sent to students at Gin Academy in Cleveland. The teacher admitted that she had the X-rated video stored on her phone, but said she didn’t airdrop it to anyone.

Hack to know your child’s whereabouts

A 30-year-old father took to TikTok to share a “hack” that involved sewing an Apple AirTag into the tongue of one of his daughter’s shoes. Once the tag was in place, he could effectively track the whereabouts of his girl. “When your daughter has her first day of school,” he wrote on the video. The trick has divided the audience. While this may give some people peace of mind, it doesn’t come cheap—each of these coats is $39.

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