Shefali Shah: It was originally written as a film

Shefali Shah: It was originally written as a film

You are most likely to see Shefali Shah reading the script several times and “chewing off her director’s mind” before she reports for a shoot. It was no different for Human, the web series that sees his role of neurosurgeon Gauri Nath. The actor says, “Gauri was written in a certain way. After re-reading the script, I told the directors [Vipul Shah and Mozez Singh] That I wanted to play him in a different way, and he accepted my suggestion.”

The Disney+ Hotstar thriller sees her character Gauri heading a prestigious hospital that gets involved in unethical human trials of a banned drug.

Innately drawn to spirited characters, Shah says it was different layers Gauri who called him “I can’t [box] Its good or bad, or black or white. It’s complicated; That’s Pandora’s box, you don’t know what’s going on inside. Any character that pushes you out of your comfort zone is challenging. There were so many parts that went into making him — from his misery and pain to the power games and the politics around him. ,

The series sees her reunited with filmmaker-husband Vipul Shah after 17 years. HumanShe says, it is a long-running project of the filmmaker which has now come to fruition. “Manav was originally written by Vipul as a film many years ago. But such a subject cannot be discovered in two hours. So, it was the right decision to include it in a show.”




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