Sharad Kelkar on experiencing the Rohit Shetty universe

Sharad Kelkar on experiencing the Rohit Shetty universe

With nearly two decades in the industry, there is little that Sharad Kelkar Haven’t tried my hand at acting but the actor is certain that “the kind of offers I got back then were different from what I’m doing currently”. “I have been trying for years so that people don’t typecast me, but consider me for any role. I think it is unfolding now,” says the actor, who has been cast in Rohit Shetty’s cop universe in the upcoming series Indian Police Force.

While he has known Shetty for over 13 years, Kelkar believes that Indian Police Force was the perfect project for their collaboration. “If you work in Rohit ShettyBe it a film or a series, you will get maximum viewership. He is one of the most loved directors in the industry. It was a long-awaited association, and we are finally working together after so many years,” says the actor, adding that the production value of the cop series gave him a larger-than-life vibe on the sets. “He is a big film director; You get that vibe and pampering when you reach the sets. You feel like you are a part of something bigger.

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