Sameer Nair: We aren’t trying to copy, or be better

Sameer Nair: We aren’t trying to copy, or be better

In the past few months, manufacturers Sameer Nair It is often asked why it chose to build on the tension when its source material, the popular Israeli series Fauda, ​​is available to stream in India. His reason is simple – he wanted to take an important story to a wider audience. “Often, people ask us, ‘What about those who have seen Fauda?’ I tell them, ‘If you don’t want to watch, don’t watch the tension.’ You don’t need to watch it and then compare. That’s not the reason we made it. In India, only the upper class audience watches international shows. Reimagined [allows us] To take it to a wider audience. We are not trying to copy or be better,” begins Nair, whose Applause Entertainment has backed the political thriller starring Manav Vij, Arbaaz Khan, Rajat Kapoor and Ekta Kaul.


Travel stress It began three years ago when Nair’s production house started talks with Yes Studios, which backed Fauda. It was decided that Nair and his team would prepare a presentation about their vision for adapting Lior Riaz and Avi Issakaroff’s story in an Indian setting. While the original explored the Israel-Palestine conflict, SonyLIV’s offering focuses on the conflict between the state-run Special Task Group (STG) and terrorists in Kashmir. “The beauty of formats is that a story can get a new life and identity,” says Sharon Levy, managing director of Yes Studios. She says that Fauda on Netflix India serves only as a promotional tool to tension rather than the competition.

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Sameer Nair

The makers of Tense not only had to tell a different story, but also correctly address the volatile geopolitics of Kashmir. Nair assures that they have been careful. “Sudhir [Mishra, director] And I have had many discussions about this. There is nothing to be angry about. We have made the show thoughtfully and sensitively.



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