‘Russia at 70 per cent of Ukraine military buildup`

‘Russia at 70 per cent of Ukraine military buildup`

US officials say Russia has gathered at least 70 percent military firepower by the middle of the month to give President Vladimir Putin the option of launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Officials who discussed internal assessments of the Russian buildup, not identified, sketched a series of indicators that suggest Putin intends an offensive in the coming weeks, although the size and scale remain unclear. Huh. He insisted that a diplomatic solution was possible. Among those military indicators: an exercise by Russia’s Strategic Nuclear Forces that is usually held every fall, was rescheduled for mid-February to March. This coincides with what US officials see as the most likely window for an invasion. Officials made no suggestion that a potential conflict would involve the use of nuclear weapons, but the Russian exercises – including test-launches of unarmed long-range missiles on Russian territory – were used as a message aimed at deterring the West. can be done in Intervention in Ukraine.

US officials have said in recent weeks that a Russian offensive could hit Ukraine’s military relatively quickly, although Moscow could find it difficult to maintain an occupation and deal with a potential insurgency. The Russian buildup comes as the Biden administration is disclosing intelligence in hopes of countering Russian propaganda and blocking Putin’s plans under the pretext of aggression. But it is being criticized for not providing evidence to support many of its claims.

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