Raveena Tandon: Many questions remain unanswered in the first season

Raveena Tandon: Many questions remain unanswered in the first season

Take a look at her portrayal of the tough-talking, slapstick cop in Aranyak, and it’s clear that Raveena Tandon’s acting hasn’t lost its shine. He leads the cast of the Netflix crime thriller, which revolves around the murder of a tourist in the fictional city of Sirona. While the series, in its final moments, hints at a possible second installment, producers Rohan Sippy and Siddharth Roy Kapur have confirmed that the thriller will return for another season.

Tandon says that from the beginning the idea was to develop it into a multi-season affair. “There are many questions that remain unanswered in the first season. We introduce a character named Rabbit at the end. The relationship between him and Musk [her character] Have to explain. we also have to [explore the track of] Half man, half leopard creature. People want to know what will happen next. Angad had many unanswered questions [Parambrata Chatterjee’s character] And also the relationship of musk. ,

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next season of Vinay VaikuliDirected by K.K., the film will focus as much on the mysteries of the sleepy town as it will on Tandon’s character, who struggles to find a balance between work and family life. “The show delivers the message that families need to rally around their women and help them achieve their dreams. I must give credit to the authors [Rohan Sippy and Charudatt Acharya] To understand what phases women go through. As the first season progresses, you see different layers of musk. She starts talking like Angad; She softens when she becomes more aggressive.”

From potboilers like Mohra (1994) to social dramas like Daman (2001), and finally, AranyakiTandon has come a long way. Assessing her career, she says, “It has been a conscious effort to do diverse roles and not [box] Self. Whenever I got a chance to do something different, it worked well for me.”




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