Raashii Khanna: I didn’t view Bollywood as a destination

Raashii Khanna: I didn’t view Bollywood as a destination

When we get on the call with Raashi Khanna, who is promoting her upcoming show Rudra: The Age of Darkness, our conversation starts on an unusual topic – luck vs hard work. In 2022, the actor has three marquee projects. She begins the year with the crime thriller, Ajay Devgn’s OTT debut, before moving on to the series Raaz-DK starring Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupathi. She will end the year with Sidharth Malhotra and Disha Patani’s Yoddha. So what is the secret that is leading him in the right direction – luck or hard work? “It’s luck,” she says, without missing a beat. “Now, I often hear people say, ‘Hey, where did this come from.’ I am working hard but that’s not all. I have many actor friends who are trying to get roles but are not getting opportunities. Personally, I am hard on myself. I make full use of every day I want it so that when I look back, I am assured that I have given it my best.”

The actor started his chapter in showbiz in 2013 with Madras Cafe. In nine years, Khanna did not act in another Hindi film, but made her presence felt in the South film industry. “I didn’t get the kind of roles I wanted to do in Bollywood. Even in the south, it was not an easy sail in the beginning. There was a whole year when I didn’t do anything. I didn’t want to sign up for films that would do nothing for me. I have always been a safe actor, and I didn’t look at Bollywood as a destination. I decided that I will do Bollywood only when the role is so good.”

Ajay Devgan in Rudra

The Disney+ Hotstar series, an official adaptation of the British crime drama Luther, was based on this. Khanna reprises the role in the original played by Ruth Wilson, a sociopath who helps Devgn’s cop character figure out crimes. “I didn’t want to see Luthor. I wanted to make the character of Aaliyah myself, without taking any inspiration from the original. I play a sociopath, and most crime movies we see are based on psychopaths. In both There is a world of difference. Sociopaths have feelings. I saw Hannibal [2001] And read psychology books to build character. I auditioned with over 200 people. It’s a role that doesn’t need a pretty face, doesn’t need a star to fill a niche. After so many years someone said, ‘Let’s act and show it.'”

What does she hope to gain from this show? She takes a pause before saying, “I don’t want to be famous for my face and my body. I want to be a solid actor whose versatility should be remembered. An actor is defined by what his audience thinks of him. I want to be famous for attracting people’s attention to me.”

She credits the leading man Devgan for being a pillar of strength. “Before starting the show, I was told that he does not talk much. Given the chemistry between our characters on paper, we needed to come alive. A war of faith has broken out between Alia and Rudra. I remember when I went on the first day, he was very warm and kind. We talked about our lines and how they should be done. We all had a lot of trust in Ajay sir.”




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