Politicians need to put an end to illegal banners

Politicians need to put an end to illegal banners

Illegal hoardings and banners again hit the headlines, civic activists file complaint, says our lead report. BMC chief Iqbal Singh Chahal directed officials to take strict action against them during a review meeting of the civic body’s Rs 2,000-crore Mumbai beautification plan. As per BMC records, it takes action against around 22,000 such banners every year and registers around 800 cases.

A civic activist rightly said that BMC officials can take action [on illegal hoardings]But what about the politicians who put up their hoardings and banners for free publicity on festivals and New Years? Unless politicians change their mindset, this problem is likely to persist, he said.

Though some permission may be taken, but it is certain that many political parties are putting up hoardings with photos of their leaders and one thing is certain that all these have not been done with permission.

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These banners come up with surprising speed, in fact, one wishes leaders were quicker to respond to admirable complaints about the city’s many issues.

This editing space has already highlighted how these banners are plastered all over the metropolis as one leader or the other is wished ‘Happy Birthday’ by followers or someone or the other. gives emotion During festivities, these are pasted on walls all over the place, hanging over our heads and sometimes staring at traffic signals as wishing the city this or that happiness.

This can only change if leaders themselves come up with a policy of saying no to these self-congratulatory banners, which are little more than ego massages. Let them show the maturity to decide on this on their own, as it will be more effective than legislation or action to end it.



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