Parineeti Chopra: How else would we ever find talent?

Parineeti Chopra: How else would we ever find talent?

She has always been vocal about her love for singing, even going behind the mic for Mann Ke Hum Yaar Nahi (Meri Pyaari Bindu, 2017). So, one assumed that Parineeti Chopra should go on television, she would judge a music reality show. But the actor surprised us when she joined Mithun Chakraborty and Karan Johar in a variety of talent hunts Hunarbaaz – Desh Ki Shanu, “Why should I limit myself to one talent? I want them all,” she laughs, as she sits down for a conversation about being attracted to television and the power of reality shows.

Edited excerpt from the interview:

Most of the people believed that you would be the judge on a singing reality show. Hunarbaaz – For what reason did you work in the country’s pride?
There was a time when I thought a singing talent show would be perfect for me. But I didn’t want to stick to one talent. I was greedy for all this [laughs], Television is a perfect fit for me. Over the years, I have gone to many shows as a guest. The producers of the channel used to ask me why I was not on television, and I never take them seriously. But the truth is that I have always felt comfortable on TV. [In my] As a child, I had a small-town performance, and then an international upbringing. That’s why it’s my passion to meet people and hear their stories. I wanted a talent show and Hunarbaaz ticked all the right boxes.

Do you think talent-based reality shows really help contestants go beyond 15 minutes of fame?
Reality shows have tremendous scope. There are some participants who come for the wrong reasons, but the judges and the channel can notice this, and they are filtered out. If you look at the previous dance or singing reality shows, even today the top 10 or 15 contestants are successful because they have got a chance. They do corporate shows, travel and are earning their livelihood. There are playback singers and choreographers who have been explored in reality shows. Talented people are coming out and giving auditions to be a part of these shows. How else will we ever find them? We have a few contestants on the show in which I can see a future playback singer and entertainer.

Do you think these shows offer stories that solicit the sympathy of the audience?
Why not? We are trying not just to tell stories from India [city-bred] people like you and me; A show is made for all types of audience. I find myself emotionally affected by some of these stories. His talent sometimes makes you feel so small and unworthy. If that makes me emotional, and if the channel wants to show that feeling to the world, [I don’t think there is anything wrong with that],

As a judge, what do you want in the contestants?
I am looking for honesty and integrity. Whoever is out there for the wrong reasons will never touch my heart. I may be too young or inexperienced to judge the show, but I love hearing people’s stories. I am perceptive and can filter the people in my life. I’m trying to use that attribute as a judge.

You had three releases in 2021. Are you happy with the pace of your career?
My career has been the biggest rollercoaster ride. It was the highest, then a drop, and now I feel like I’m on my way again. The year 2021 was the start of an upward trajectory. It gave me Animal, and . Inspired to sign amazing films like height With Sooraj Barjatya. These films would not have happened to me a few years back. So, I am happy with the way my career has shaped up as I would not have learned the lesson if I had not noticed any shortcomings. I don’t work hard to achieve the things that I want. Now, I am more motivated to achieve them.



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