One Cut Two Cut: A film in loving memory of late actor-producer Puneeth Rajkumar

One Cut Two Cut: A film in loving memory of late actor-producer Puneeth Rajkumar

The trailer of Amazon Prime Video’s much-awaited comedy adventure ‘One Cut to Cut’ is out and it is everything we expected and more. The satirical comedy revolves around an arts and crafts teacher Gopi (played by Danish Sait), whose first day on the job turns into a task to save a school that has been taken hostage by four radical social media activists. With an ensemble cast of Danish Sait, Prakash Belawadi, Samyukta Horned, Vineet ‘Beep’ Kumar, and Sampath Maitreya, the film has a lot to offer. Here’s a list of 5 things we liked about the ‘One Cut to Cut’ trailer:

Danish Sait in a never-before-seen character and his third collaboration with Amazon Prime Video!
Danish Sait’s actions as Gopi is definitely one of the biggest USPs of the film with unique narrative that will keep the audience hooked. After ‘French Biryani’ and ‘Humble Politician Nograj’, ‘One Cut to Cut’ is Danish’s third partnership with Amazon Prime Video. Interestingly, the film also marks the actor’s second collaboration with PRK Productions.

Unique story to match with audiences across all geographies!
Apart from the intriguing setting of a school that serves as the backdrop of the film, what makes ‘One Cut to Cut’ special is its unique story that has the ability to strike a chord with audiences from all geographies. The makers are delighted to provide new talent with an opportunity to bring their own stories and entertain not only the Indian but also the global audience. And ‘One Cut to Cut’ has that potential.

Adventure Comedy Thriller – A Genre Less Explored!
In the words of director Vamsidhar Bhogaraju, “‘One Cut to Cut’ is our attempt to make a comedy adventure/comedic thriller, a genre less explored” and it turns out to be the film’s biggest selling point. Danish’s character Gopi also deals with a dire situation while addressing some serious issues. The makers are sure that the audience will have a lot of laughs and will also have something to think about.

Actors Group!
Apart from its unique story and style, ‘One Cut to Cut’ also stars veteran actors like Prakash Belawadi, Sanyukta Hornad, Vineet ‘Beep’ Kumar and Sampath Maitreya in pivotal roles, making the roller-coaster ride more fun and adventurous. Will make ,

In loving memory of late actor-producer Puneet Rajkumar!
Puneet Rajkumar, one of India’s most celebrated actors and producer of ‘One Cut to Cut’, passed away in October last year. Honoring the legacy of Puneet Rajkumar, ‘One Cut to Cut’ is one of three films by PRK Productions to premiere on Amazon Prime Video in 240 countries and territories.

Directed by Vamsidhar Bhogaraju, and produced by Ashwini Puneet Rajkumar and Gurudata Talwar under the PRK banner, Amazon Prime Video’s ‘One Cut to Cut’ starring Danish Sait in the lead, streams on the service in over 240 countries on February 03, 2022 Will happen. and territories.




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