On World Hindi Day, TV actors get candid about language`s popularity

On World Hindi Day, TV actors get candid about language`s popularity

On World Hindi Day On (World Hindi Day), TV actors talk candidly about the language and its popularity. It is celebrated every year on 10th January to promote the language across nations and make people aware of its importance. Aayudh Bhanushali of ‘Second Mother’ shares: “Hindi is quite versatile and is used in many different parts of the world, not just in India. I realized this when one day, my father from America Business friends came to visit us with their son, who was also my age. And connecting with him was a unique experience for me, and I had a lot of fun teaching him a few words of Hindi.”

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“…he was very excited to learn Hindi and immediately picked up some popular phrases and words like namaste, friend, masti and vada pav. He said that our Indian vada pav is very popular in America, and he enjoys eating it. comes.” Our famous Indian street food. After that, he started greeting everyone in Hindi with a firangi (foreign) accent. But what makes me happy is their interest and enthusiasm to know more about our Hindi language,” recalls Bhanushali.

Aditi Sharma of ‘Rabb Se Hai Dua’ also shared her perspective about the language and said: “Hindi has always been my most favorite and comfortable language to speak. I have learned this language since childhood as it is my mother tongue And I have. It’s been part of my syllabus in school as well.” “Also, I find this language very respectful and easy to express my feelings. I am from Delhi so most of my friends speak in the same language and the way we can express our feelings in Hindi is cannot be expressed in any other language. I believe that for those who can speak Hindi, it is also easy for them to acquire the fluency of another language. The melody and phonetics may differ from city to city, but Yet Hindi is the most common language that everyone understands,” she says.

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Comedian Gaurav Dubey says comedy performances in Hindi are loved by many and he is part of a reality show hosted by Kapil Sharma It mostly caters to the Hindi speaking belt of India. “I am fortunate to be a part of this where we weave comedy in this beautiful language and present it to our audience. When it comes to Indian comedy, I feel Hindi is the best medium to perform because It ups the relatability factor. Even more hilarious. Coming from Uttar Pradesh, Hindi is a very dear language to me as it makes me feel like home, wherever I am.”

While actress Himani Shivpuri claims that every language has a unique quality, she stresses on the versatility of the Hindi language. “Hindi language is very versatile and beautiful. It is undoubtedly one of my favorite languages. My father was a teacher of Sanskrit and Hindi, which helped me to have a complete command over the language. Over the years, I have mastered spoken Hindi language. different forms, as every region in India has a distinct Hindi dialect. Take, for example, Katori Amma’s Kanpuriya dialect, which is unique and fun. It has been quite popular with the masses, especially Amma’s Punishments. And what’s more intriguing is that not only fans in India love the language but people and fans living abroad too.”



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