Officials must hear out school bus operators

Officials must hear out school bus operators

School bus operators are in talks with the authorities to change the timings of some schools in and around Andheri. Due to the closure of the Gokhale Road bridge, vehicles have been diverted to new routes, increasing travel

Since drivers are unable to manage multiple shifts and adhere to school timings, the School Bus Owners Association (SBOA) will discuss with the authorities the possibility of ending the school day a little earlier.

The change in timings will be good everywhere as it will help the school buses to ply the area within a specific time.

The bridge is going to collapse soon, so solutions have to be worked out, alternative routes discussed, and those in power and who can influence policy and make changes, have to deal with its closure and What needs to come to the table is to clear up the chaos created by the demolition. connector. Since this will be a long process, it is better to start a conversation and work out the problems.

When it comes to school buses, we must focus on urgent issues and begin addressing them immediately. Kids definitely get tired from long commutes. Even the bus helps and the drivers get sidetracked.

Today, the time has come to do ‘smart timing’. If the school management and the school bus authority can come together and see if some changes are possible to mitigate the situation, then the entire ecosystem will be benefited. For children can be positive at first. But they can extend to school employees who don’t use the school bus but have to go to work and reduce congestion for other vehicles.

We look forward to a fruitful dialogue between the bus authorities and the schools for the sake of our precious children.



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