Nishant Bhat: Salman Khan always appreciated me

Nishant Bhat: Salman Khan always appreciated me

Choreographer and Bigg Boss 15 contestant Nishant Bhat talks to about his place in the top 5, his relationship in the show, Tejasvi Prakash’s victories and more.
Nishant says, ‘Luckily, Salman Khan never scolded me. He has always complimented me and I think he loves me. He has always appreciated me and that is a good thing. I have played the game with dignity and have taken a stand. I did Bigg Boss-Giri and Teen-Punch, so I was in top 5 and first runner up in Bigg Boss OTT. The show gave me a huge opportunity and the whole point of getting love from the audience was, I achieved that. ,

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