Nikkhil Advani: Sad if youth has only film stars as its heroes

Nikkhil Advani: Sad if youth has only film stars as its heroes

In a sea of ​​crime thrillers and YA shows, it’s refreshing to find a story rooted in the world of science. Rocket Boys is an unusual offering in the Indian OTT landscape – as much for remembering the heroes of the region, which deserves praise more often, as it is for its clever handling of the subject. The Sony Liv series, which stars Jim Sarbh as Homi Bhabha and Ishwak Singh as Vikram Sarabhai, has garnered much acclaim. With this, creator Nikhil.

Homi Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai

Advani believes that he has achieved the primary goal behind developing the show. “The intention of making this show can be summed up in one line: It is sad if the youth of this country only have cricketers and film stars as heroes. They need to know about people like Bhabha and Sarabhai who were not only scientists, but also renaissance [men], He encouraged art and culture and established institutions. He paved the way for India to become what it is today,” says Advani.

Nikhil Advani

One of the big wins of the show is its casting. If Singh is wonderful as the idealistic Sarabhai, then Sarabh shines as the dynamic and irreverent Bhabha. Director Abhay Pannu says Sarbh was the only option to portray Bhabha. “The show was written after signing. When we were researching Homi Bhabha, we realized that he is an interesting personality with a wicked sense of humour. Jim has a similar personality; he is charming and intelligent The casting gym was a no-brainer. Also, I don’t think there are many Parsi actors out there.”

Set in the early 1940s, the eight-part offering traces the early years of two physicists who laid the foundation for their greatness. “When we were showing his life in the 1940s, he himself had no idea that he would become so radiant. They are making mistakes, falling in love and fighting with each other. Everyone goes through what they went through, but their ambitions were huge,” says Advani, with the second season coming soon. “We shot both the seasons together. After a good break, Abhay will work on the post-production of the second season.”




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