Need to ensure that our teens get the vaccine dose soon

Need to ensure that our teens get the vaccine dose soon

It’s time to set foot on the accelerator when it comes to the COVID vaccination campaign for teens across the city.

So far, about 16 percent of the 9.22 lakh adolescents have been given jobs. While the daily vaccination target was 35,000, we see an average of 12,000, which is far below the target, said a report in this paper.

We want to see teens coming forward to take the jab. The omicron wave is upon us, and, as experts have repeatedly stressed, vaccines can’t stop the virus from infecting you, but they can do their job by reducing the severity of infection and even mortality. are.

Like everyone else, young people in this age group, all students too have their lives disrupted due to Coronavirus. Since we are back to study at home, twice the stay means that schools and colleges can open faster. As a result, all the uncertainty about the exam also ends, and the students are no longer in the gray and confused area.

Parents or guardians should ensure that these girls and boys visit the centers to get their vaccine doses. While it may be true that the infection is currently afflicting older individuals, it is not the case that the young are not affected.

Doctors have also pointed out some concerns about more children contracting the virus. It proves that we are still dealing with a very unpredictable enemy and no one knows, not even the experts, what could happen tomorrow.

With officials saying they can set up camps in educational institutions in the hope that students, although they can currently study from home, taking up jobs at their school or college is a step in the right direction.



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