Need to end the pothole menace once and for all

Need to end the pothole menace once and for all

Navratri is around the corner and during the nine-day festival, each day depicting different colors, we see women and some men as well, instead following the ‘Navratri color code’ as a form of celebration, ensuring that They wear colors on that day.

Now, in a bright twist, activists have decided that they will ‘paint’ potholes in the city in the colors of Navratri, to shame the civic body for repairing our roads and ending the pothole problem.

In September it has started raining again and our roads are broken once again, many patches have deep potholes, officials say they are waiting for a dry day to repair some patches.

There are many instances when individuals and organizations have done the job of shaming the civic authorities so that they can find a permanent solution to the problem. From people pretending to ride a boat in a pit, journalists and cartoonists sketching a diving board at the edge of a pit, citizens pretending they are playing golf on our streets with potholes filled with rain like these There are water hazards such as they have on golf courses.

Posters and signage have also been put up several times to ridicule the people in charge about potholes. The resemblance to potholes on the moon and potholes on the streets of Mumbai has thinned with overuse and is no longer laughable.

Sometimes, the embarrassment takes a more serious and tragic turn with the family members of those who have lost their loved one in an accident, pointing out potholes in the streets and calling our leaders. The officials, on their part, have asked citizens to mark the potholes and have a complaint number. Yet strangely and over the years, this problem comes to the fore and refuses to go away, even though every strategy is used in the book.

Let’s now end the pits that go the whole gamut – from irritating to harmful and sometimes killer cavities.



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