Mr. & Mrs. Shameem trailer: Saba Qamar, Nauman Ijaz share distinctive love story

Mr. & Mrs. Shameem trailer: Saba Qamar, Nauman Ijaz share distinctive love story

The makers have announced its next life original titled “Mrs. Aur Mr. Shamim”. The 20-episode series stars popular actor Saba Qamar of Hindi Medium fame and Nauman Ejaz, and is set to premiere worldwide on ZEE5 on March 11, 2022. Mrs and Mr Shamim is directed by Kashif Nisar, known for his work on series like Dumpukt – Aatish e Ishq, and O Rangreza, while the show is written by contemporary drama writer Sajjad Gul (Saji), who is known for his stories. The medium is also known to touch on social issues and psychological symptoms.

Speaking about her experience playing the role of Umaina, Saba Qamar shared, “Umaina is fearless, strong and is not afraid to express herself. She is a true wild child. It was very exciting and challenging to play this role as well as it is very different from the roles I have played before. I think the time has come to give freedom to men and women to choose their own path and not be confined to playing by the rules. Mrs and Mr Shamim showcases it very well.”

Watch the trailer right away:

Talking about the show and his character Shamim, Nauman Ejaz shared, “Shamim is not like the typical hero that you get to see in series and movies. He is a soft hearted, caring person. He redefines the portrayal of what an ideal man or man of the house should generally be like. Throughout the show, you will see that he practices respect, love and concern for his family and friends, but unfortunately, is ridiculed for being ‘holy’. I really enjoyed playing this character and I am looking forward to the release of the show.”

Ek Zindagi Original, Mrs & Mr Shamim is a typical love story of a pure bond that ranges from friendship to old age and everything in between.




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