Mithun Chakraborty: Earlier, they wanted me to do action or dance

Mithun Chakraborty: Earlier, they wanted me to do action or dance

Mithun Chakraborty firmly believes that it is never too late to start something new. Which is why the question of making a digital debut at the age of 71 entertained him. “I find it strange when I read stories that I am making my digital debut. Change is inevitable, and I am an actor who loves to adapt. An actor dies if he is not passionate. If you are passionate If not, then retire; work only when you have that fire in your stomach,” begins the veteran star. His unbridled passion for his craft inspired him to take up the bestseller, starring Shruti Haasan and Arjan Bajwa.

The Amazon Prime Video offering sees Chakraborty as a shrewd cop who is brought in to investigate attacks on near and dear ones of a renowned novelist essayed by Bajwa. Chakraborty sums up her character in one word: “Rangeela”. “He’s unpredictable — sometimes he’s comical, other times, he’ll go off track and talk about something unrelated. He’s a lively character.”

Bestseller features Chakraborty, Bajwa and Gauahar Khan

Chakraborty, who has been a part of Bollywood for over four decades, is happy to see the changes in showbiz. With filmmakers telling innumerable stories, the industry has slowly but surely given up its old ways of providing soulful roles to senior actors. “Times have changed. Earlier there was a pattern. They wanted me to do just action or dance. [Rarely] Can I get a good script? now the actors [career] The duration has increased as they are doing character roles. I’m enjoying this stage because I am [being offered] So many different roles. Should that make it easier to pick up projects? Rarely, Chakraborty laughs, admitting that he hasn’t learned the art of turning down offers at all. “I can’t say no to people because I don’t want to hurt anyone. So, I make up an excuse and move on [from the project],

Even though he is enjoying the present stage, the actor has no illusions about the industry. “I don’t expect anything from this industry. Industry, like any other sector, will not give you anything in return. As long as I live, I [matter]But if I’m not there tomorrow, things will move on. We are all replaceable.”




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