Maanvi, Bani J and Sayani reveal jumping in a freezing lake to get perfect shot

Maanvi, Bani J and Sayani reveal jumping in a freezing lake to get perfect shot

After a wait of two years, the much awaited Amazon Original Four More Shots Please is back with this third season. All set to stream on the service starting October 21, the Emmy-nominated series will once again take viewers up close and personal with the girls who are navigating the storms of their lives with mother-in-law. Where fans are eagerly waiting to see the girls back in action. Manvi GagrooSayani Gupta and Bani J revealed an interesting behind the scenes moment where they jumped into a frozen lake to take the perfect shot.

Sharing the incident, Maanvi who plays Siddhi in the show said, “When we were shooting in Italy, we had to shoot a lake scene, and it was freezing cold. The water was so cold that our director Joyita (Patpati) asked us to leave it. But, Bani was ready to do so, which left Joyita surprised. it excited us and Clever And I decided to go for it too.”

Describing how she convinced them to live a once in a lifetime, Bani said, “I was like I got you guys, you have my back, don’t worry. But then, something unexpected happened. This scene Shot in a single take, as it was the last shot of our outdoor schedule. I was cheering everyone on because I was so excited to go for it. I ran to the lake and jumped, and then I realized It turned out to be deeper than I thought, my heart went numb. I was like ‘Oh goodness, take a breath’! But it wasn’t until I could warn Sayani and Maanvi not to take the risk. It was too late,” Bani said.

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Bani revealed that she has captured all the moments on her phone, but the viewers will have to wait till the season ends on October 21. “I have been the unofficial BTS videographer. In every season, whenever we shoot something, I am always ready to capture photos and videos with my phone. I have created a new season for myself. When the team sees the vlog, they will get flashbacks of all their memories, but this will last only after the season is over.

Four more shots please! Season 3 is a part of Prime Video’s festive line-up for the Great Indian Festival 2022, starting September 23. Apart from attractive “Diwali special discounts” from partners through Prime Video channels, the line-up also includes several other original series and blockbuster movies in multiple languages.



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