Let’s respect public gardens like we do our homes

Let’s respect public gardens like we do our homes

Mumbai gardens are in focus again, with bids falling below the cost of contracts to maintain the city’s gardens. Maintenance of gardens is difficult, but it is mandatory.

To the public, on the whole, it does not matter to whom these contracts are awarded. Most of the time, common people may not even know.

What we need is good maintenance of the gardens. These small hideouts are few and far between. In the concrete jungle oasis that is Mumbai, it is important that if we cannot increase their numbers, we at least take care of them and maintain them well so that the public can enjoy them.

We need a strong security system for these gardens, so that they are safe for the users. Sometimes the security room is empty and sometimes the security personnel are old and weak. We see a corner of the playground equipment specially reserved for children, gets dilapidated at times. This can be dangerous when children are using these play facilities.

Inadequate lighting is another bug bear dog garden across town. The lighting should be bright when it comes to any anti-social activities within the garden and this is a great advantage. It is definitely associated with safety and therefore should be a priority in the maintenance of the garden. We have seen many gardens that have dark spots, or the entire garden is very poorly lit, which makes it especially dangerous for women and senior citizens. Sometimes the lights don’t work and sometimes they break and are not replaced for months.

Lastly, the surface of the ground, whether grass, tile or garden paved, should be in good condition, because you have the power to walk and run on the surface. Whoever is appointed as the guardian of the garden must act. Meanwhile, people need to respect the facility and use it responsibly.



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