Let’s play house

Let’s play house

Charmed Playhouse, a family business based in Leatherbridge, Canada, claims to make some of the most luxurious, luxurious and quality playhouses in the world, and looking at some of their creations, we’re more than inclined to agree. But before you start dreaming about your backyard fantasy playhouse, you should know that some of these can cost an arm and a leg. Even though prices for a basic playhouse start at a respectable $3,500, if you’re looking for something special, the bill can easily go into the thousands, and even hundreds of thousands, of dollars. “We are currently working on a playhouse that will cost upwards of $400,000,” owner Tyson Levitt told INSIDER in 2019. “Many of them range from $100,000 to $300,000.”

Levitt, who worked in landscaping for nine years before founding Charmed Playhouse, decided to proceed with his “stupid idea” of building luxury over-the-top treehouses and playhouses for the kids, noting that many of his The clients’ backyards were huge, but with little or no facilities for children. Some had Ricky swing sets, but many didn’t, so he decided he could do a lot better. And he was right.

After building a playhouse for his three children, a customer asked Levitt if he could make one for his children, inspired by Rapunzel. Even though he had never built playhouses of the genre before, he decided to do it, and it turned out so well that he ended up entering it into home-and-garden shows. “Many times customers come to us. They just tell us what they like. “We take their ideas, we mix them and by the time we’re done, they’ve morphed into something beautiful,” Tyson told the Calgary Herald in 2017. “Our entry level starts at $3,500, but we also offer customized playsets up to $2,00,000. . Depends on your budget and vision.”

loyalty test

Man Makes Thousands Of Dollars By Seducing Women To Check His Loyalty

Javier Long, a 20-year-old man from Alabama, claims he is paid several thousand dollars a week who want him to test his girlfriend’s loyalty. has long been conducting so-called “loyalty tests” on the part of men who allegedly ask her to flirt with their female partners via texts to see if they give in to her progress. Huh. Their tests include checking whether the client’s partner can be trusted by sneaking into their DMs, and reporting any suspicious behavior. He earns up to $2,000 per week from fees. “I made a pretty decent amount. I don’t have the exact numbers,” he says.

TikTok users stunned by monster-sized Rottweiler puppy

TikTok viewers were stunned by the size of a monster Rottweiler puppy, which is so big that it is even compared to a bear cub. Bosco is only 15 weeks old, but he has already grown into quite a powerhouse and is so big that his owner struggles to hold him in his arms. Comments on the video-sharing platform were filled with people completely baffled by the puppy’s size—and speculating on how big he would be.

Study finds Mars life in meteorite

A meteorite four billion years older than Mars that hit Earth here decades ago has no evidence of ancient, primitive Martian life, scientists said. The four-pound (2 kg) rock was found in Antarctica in 1984. According to the researchers, the groundwater passed through cracks in the rock while it was still on Mars, forming tiny balls of carbon. Something similar can happen on Earth as well.

sending a false Batman-themed alert

The Missouri State Highway Patrol alert sent cell phones flashing across the state: Officers in Gotham City, Missouri were searching for a purple and green 1978 Dodge 3700GT. But there is no Gotham City, Missouri, and the car referenced was the car used by the Joker in the 1989 Batman movie. Soon after, he sent out another alert, asking people to defy it.

woman’s tongue has been replaced by a thigh

Cameron Newsom, 42, had half of her tongue amputated in 2013 in an effort to fight cancer after dealing with excruciating pain following her diagnosis. The surgeon took skin and muscle from the woman’s thigh to reconstruct the part of her tongue that was lost from her rare infection. Squamous cell carcinoma K.

Fake death to avoid charge, man found alive

Nicolas Alhawardian, who also goes by the last name Rossi, died in February 2020 from non-Hodgkin lymphoma at the age of 32, but turned up last month at Glasgow Hospital, where he was on a ventilator for COVID-19. He faked his death to avoid allegations of sexual assault and fraud.

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