Ishwak Singh: Felt script was more informative than biography

Ishwak Singh: Felt script was more informative than biography

After several blink-and-miss roles, Ishwak Singh made an impact with his performance as an idealistic cop in Paatal Lok, followed by an earnest performance in Unposed. With his portrayal of Vikram Sarabhai in SonyLIV’s Rocket Boys, the actor has once again shown that he can slip into difficult roles with ease. In a conversation with Mid-Day, Singh talks about becoming a physicist on screen and how the show’s biggest win is the remarkable writing.

Edited excerpts of the interview.

What was your first reaction when offered the role?
I was excited. After all, it’s not every day that you find a part where everything is up your alley. I wanted to do work that involved great writing and show [offers that], Initially, I got to read a part of the script during the audition, and I knew it was a human story. When I started reading the episode, it seemed like a great piece of literature. It exposes me to the world of science.

How much did you know about the life of Vikram Sarabhai earlier?
I knew about it. i had a chance [see] Mallika Sarabhai performs at Darpan Academy of Performing Arts. Vikram Sarabhai started IIM [Indian Institute of Management]He is the father of Indian space research, but it was [fascinating] To know the circumstances and resources with which he created all this. It was inspiring to learn about anecdotes, which can easily be turned into many stories. No matter how much research I have done, I never felt the burden of playing that kind of character.

How much of the story is fictional?
For me, the script was biblical. That said, I also mentioned her biography, Vikram Sarabhai: A Life, written by Amrita Shah. I kept going back to the book to get to know Vikram. In the series, everything is factual and authentic, to the extent that at times, I felt the script was more informative than the biography. You can’t call it imaginary; It is like filling in the blanks.

Was there any part of Sarabhai’s story that didn’t make it to the finals?
This is a question for the authors. Ever since I got to know him through research and scripting, I feel that all the important aspects of his life [were portrayed], The family was involved in the making of the story in the early stages. Some things may not have found a place in the script, but it was complete [in its own way],

Did you identify yourself with Sarabhai’s ideologies against making atomic bombs?
If you have read Sarabhai’s book [biopic]The series will be eye opener. This man was brilliant, highly educated, had everything, and was a great thinker. I see no reason not to subscribe to his ideology. I didn’t need great acting skills to get into Vikram Sarabhai’s mind because I could understand where this guy was coming from.

How was it working with Jim Sarbh?
I love Jim’s work and envy him for the kind of hustle he has gone through. I’ve seen him suggest how we can [do a scene], during the workshops. We didn’t necessarily agree on everything, but there was always mutual respect. It was a collaborative effort – one of the reasons I have always wanted to work with new age filmmakers like Abhay Pannu.

You have Berlin next.
i love atul sabharwal [director] To write. We are already doing workshops; The character is creeping in and becoming a part of me.




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