Ishwak Singh: `Adhura` has been therapeutic for me

Ishwak Singh: `Adhura` has been therapeutic for me

like most of us, Ishwak SinghAs a child, he used to enjoy listening to ghost stories and grew up on his regular diet. Then one would think that his upcoming horror offering Adhura opposite Rasika Dugal was a pleasant experience for him. However, the actor says that above all, the Amazon Prime Video series has been “therapeutic” as it helped him face his deepest fears. He explains, “I used to be a timid kid, but used to get fascinated by ghost stories. I remember sitting with my grandmother and listening to folk songs. But then, I had two experiences that left me stunned. the first was when i [thought I] Saw a ghost, and the second time around, I heard a whisper. It could not have been a product of my imagination. The only way I could deal with them was to try to convince myself that they weren’t real. After that I stopped watching horror movies.

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Adhura, directed by Gaurav Chawla and Ananya Banerjee, is set in an elite boarding school, which hides a dark secret. The supernatural thriller forced Singh to face his fears. “In the beginning, it was difficult because I felt like I was hearing voices or feeling presence — essentially, [experiencing] all the things i was reading about [in the script], But after a while, I was able to rationalize why [two incidents] Happened to me in the past. Knowledge liberates a person. Adhura has been therapeutic for me in many ways. [Within the premise of a supernatural thriller]The show deals with real issues. ,



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