Inquiry into fire welcome, but we must be prepared

Inquiry into fire welcome, but we must be prepared

A committee has been constituted to investigate the fire in Tardeo Bhawan. Action has been taken after a very sad incident. This committee has about 15 days to submit its report on the fire.

In the event of such accidents, investigation is necessary to prevent them from happening again. While one certainly hopes that this committee will look into what went wrong in the building, it is understandable when citizens react with skepticism to the extent of cynicism, when committees, not just a are also created after the event.

Generally, it is important that the findings of the Committee, if possible, at least the main points, are in the public domain. It is important that people know what action is taken once the report is submitted by the committee.

Actually, action should be taken after the report comes. The remedial measure and follow-up is to ensure that we locate the fault line and then not only sandpaper it, but wipe it off for good.

We have lost faith in committees because at times we find them wandering for months or years or simply frivolous, making the exercise of committee formation absolutely meaningless. This is not to say that every committee is meaningless. Overall, this is seen as a cosmetic move through a prism and the larger public has lost faith in these inquiries and investigations.

In addition, committees need some time frame so that the investigation does not go on endlessly until the whole matter is buried.

This edit space has often pointed out how we, all of us collectively, tend to have a reactive mindset by being unprepared for any potential adverse event. Now, we must realize that both what we carry through and how we change after accidents are a reaction, obviously, but also in order to better prepare us for any chance of a repeat. are ready.



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