I became an actor to live and experience different lives, says Sumeet Vyas

I became an actor to live and experience different lives, says Sumeet Vyas

After winning hearts and attention with his portrayal in Sumeet Vyas can now be seen in the series ‘Jambaz Hindustan Ke’, Which is being premiered on Zee 5. Mid Day Online got in touch with the actor for an exclusive interview in which he talked about playing the antagonist among others in the series.

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To begin with, Sumeet, you are playing the role of an antagonist in the series ‘Jambaz Hindustani Ke’. How is it like playing a negative character?
I think no one would imagine me in such a character, this simple thing is enough to thrill the audience. It is like Samar Khan, Srijit Mukherjee and ZEE5 were taking a chance on me and I am really grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to express myself as an actor in a slightly different way. That was my first thought to cast Taurik as the character.

How easy or difficult was it to get into the skin and understand the psyche of your character?
Trust me when I say it was really fulfilling. The whole point of me choosing to be an actor was to be able to live and experience different lives. Feeling, speaking and thinking differently. After playing a negative character, I hope that I will not be a negative person in real life (laughs) but will always remain positive. I work on a straight line. This was a welcome break for me and I hope I haven’t let anyone down.

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Was the process of playing this character difficult? Were you able to switch on and off with your character easily?
The show is inspired by true events but the characters are fictional and fictional. The character of Taurik is an amalgam of all the events that he would have come across while researching for the project. Taurik is not inspired by any one real character; This is a fictional character. Also, I believe I was able to detach and get back into my character. Having said that, when you trick your mind into believing that you are someone else, you start thinking and believing like that person for a short period of time.

Carry on….
Impersonating a character takes a toll on you and once you are done shooting for a series, especially playing a character like Taurik, you need to resume your regular life and retrain your mind. Undoing requires a short recovery period.

In the long run, what is it that you feel about everyone and their lives/careers?
It is a good question. In the long run, what I think is that everyone is looking to find out whether they are a normal person or a fool at the end of their career. correct me if I am wrong…. (smile).





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