Huma Qureshi: When I get an offer, I don’t over-think anymore

Huma Qureshi: When I get an offer, I don’t over-think anymore

From a dystopian drama in Leela (2019) to a political fare in Maharani (2021), Huma Qureshi is enjoying exploring diverse genres, one story at a time. Luckily, Mithya came at a time when she was looking for a psychological thriller to add to her resume.

“I am a huge fan of psychological thrillers, but I had never explored this place. Hence, Mithya got me excited. It is a well-written six-episode series,” begins the actor, who plays ZEE5 plays a Hindi literature professor in the series.The thriller sees his character accuse a student – essayed by Avantika Dasani – of plagiarism, which leads to a psychological battle between the two.

Huma Qureshi in the series

Qureshi says that the onset of the pandemic led to a re-evaluation of his career and that influenced his choice of projects. “Since life was so uncertain [at the time], I constantly asked myself: What do I want to leave behind? What if a project is my last? It should be the best. Since then, I’ve been in touch with everything [passion], When I get an offer, I don’t think much; Instead, I jump in and give it my best shot.”

One of his efforts was Maharani which came to fruition. With the first season being well received, the actor has started filming the second season of the political drama. “The life of an actor is [dynamic], Here, I am shooting in Bhopal, while promoting Mithya and talking about the process. [But getting in and out of characters] it is my work. Once I put on a saree, bindi and sindoor, I enter the queen’s world.”




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