How Sumeet Vyas got writing `Tripling` season 3

How Sumeet Vyas got writing `Tripling` season 3

digital star Sumeet VyasWhose web seriesTripling` recently returned with its third season, shared how he became a part of the writing process of the series. The actor is pretty much omnipresent in the creative department of the show as the screenplay is sketched by him apart from the dialogues, which he has co-written with Abbas Dalal. Elaborating on the same, he said: “‘Tripling’ season 1 happened because I was writing a lot at that time and Arunabh Kumar (TVF chief) had asked me if you had anything interesting along the lines of a road trip. . . so , I thought I didn’t want to do another ‘a road trip for friends’ kind of script. That’s when I got the idea of ​​how about three siblings go on a road trip and we can do it as much. It makes me mad as much as if friends went on a road trip.”

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Sharing the initial seed of the idea that shaped the series, Sumeet continued: “The initial idea was not to make it preachy or hygienic; it should be raw, rough and a bit unappetizing because family in general can sometimes be very unsuitable. And I can quite like that. The idea of ​​parents separating, the idea of ​​parents doing their job is a very disturbing thought for young people because we don’t want our parents to do the same. We are accustomed to what is good for us. That’s what we expect from them and how we see them.” Throughout the lockdown, his mind was flooded with thoughts of new beginnings: “During the lockdown I had a few thoughts, what if I want to leave it all and see the world riding my motorcycle. In my 20s A lot of people want to go out, travel, maybe immigrate to another country, get a job or marry someone from Amsterdam. They want to do these wild things and they hope that His parents would understand.”

He further noted: “Many young people, after completing their education want to become a chef, after completing their degree in medicine they want to go scuba diving and they want parents to understand that it is only a It’s life and it’s what I have to do. But when parents say the same thing, it’s hard for us to accept it. We treat parents like a mattress lying on the bed.” Sharing the gist of this season’s writing, he said: “The story is less about the separation and more about the parents doing what they want to do. It doesn’t have any negative connotations. The biggest journey in the season is the kids. Coming to a realization or accepting one’s parents personally.”

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