Hoping for a solution to the monkey menace

Hoping for a solution to the monkey menace

Cuffe Parade, South Mumbai Tip, Monkey is facing a reign of terror. The predominantly residential centre, though it lacks commercial establishments, is seeing simian break-ins in housing societies, causing alarm and panic for the residents of the area.

According to a report in this paper, the monkeys, locals cited to spot at least three at a time, easily enter homes with sliding windows open. They ransack rooms for food, eat what is left outside and camp with valuables. This includes watches, keys, mobile phones, jewellery, crystals, really anything that catches the eye.

The big picture is that the menace of monkeys isn’t limited to the Cuffe Parade. The monkeys have returned to the Cuffe Parade, we have news of their sightings in 2016. Affected societies approach monkey catchers and the forest department for help. The fear is real, real and justified.

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It is important that residents take precautions even around animals. Don’t feed monkeys is cardinal rule number 1. Sometimes, people feel sorry for them and throw food at them. Once the animals have found the food, they return to the same place or refuse to leave. There are some who believe that their form is a divine sign and it is necessary to feed them.

Close and close your windows if there is a warning that they are around. Do not confront or tease and taunt animals. This is especially true for housing society employees, who sometimes tease animals when they see them on the premises or on the way.

If the monkeys have caught some food or stuff from the house, then do not get into a dispute with them. Angry and frustrated, they can be extremely dangerous. There is now a need for an integrated, comprehensive solution to the monkey problem across Mumbai.



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