Home testing must be followed by the right protocol

Home testing must be followed by the right protocol

The big conclusion from a couple of online conversations with top doctors is that this paper reported that home testing is a useful and important response in our COVID fight.

Still, there are some conditions with the rapid antigen test that many do at home. First, they have to report their results on the app. Second, the test kit itself must be of high quality, and approved by the FDA for accuracy in the results. Third, experts say that if the antigen test is positive, it should be assumed that you are positive. You can do RT-PCR test but take that one is positive and then follow the appropriate COVID protocol.

Home testing is a welcome step given that the system is strained due to the large number of cases. In the last delta wave, no one saw people doing home testing at this stage, so we see awareness and responsibility as many people are taking it upon themselves to at least start over and test.

It is important that once the test is done people follow the guidelines. Follow the right time frame for home isolation if needed, and if others in the family or in contact with a positive person have to be quarantined, they should do so for the appropriate and right time. Not following up the test with the right behavior and response cancels out the initiative and self-testing.

Lastly, once positive follow the doctor’s advice, even if it is at home, so that there is right guidance instead of self-medicating or following by reading something on the internet. This, of course, is especially relevant for people with comorbidities and the elderly. Remember, getting started well is only half the job, following the guidelines immediately after a home test is the right way forward.



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