Happy reunion

Happy reunion

A Texas couple experienced a sweet moment when they met babies born from frozen embryos donated 20 years ago.

Brooke and Chris Martin struggled with infertility in their late 20s and eventually resorted to in vitro fertilization (IVF) to get pregnant. The couple, who lived in Tennessee at the time, went to a fertility clinic in Nashville to begin the procedure.

The Martins ended up with two implanted embryos, and their twin boys Matthew and Christopher were born later. He still had eight frozen embryos left and had to decide what to do: use them, let them thaw, donate them to science or give them back to the fertility clinic.

Fast-forward nearly 20 years later and the Martins are told by a family member that a boy, who may be their son, has been found and reached out.

Thomas Monroe, one of the three, called a family member and said something like “Hey, I’m on your family tree. I don’t know if you know anyone in your family who may have donated embryos or some children.” Have given

“I saw her picture and my husband and I burst into tears and said it was our baby. No doubt, he looked exactly like our boys,” said Brooke.

This is when the Martins learned that Thomas was a triplet, meaning they had three biological children in the world two decades after they decided to donate their embryos. The now 18-year-old triplets, two boys and a girl, grew up in Nashville with their loving parents Trey and Becky, who taught the kids about embryo adoption when they were young.

After losing Becky to cancer, Trey decides to fulfill Thomas’ wishes for a DNA test and presents her on his 18th birthday. Trey said, “I was a little nervous, but I also had a history of finding my own biological family through DNA testing and it was nothing but wonderful, so I was positive it could work very well.” “

Brooke said that even though the kids grew up differently, all five of them have similarities, from interest in music to athletics, to having a similar posture when walking.

Brooke said she wants to make sure people are aware of the option of adopting embryos: “Now, you can actually go through an official adoption where you can choose the family that will adopt the embryos.” Adopts and goes in vitro, so it’s a lot more technical now.”

there’s a corpse in my backyard

Police investigate a Halloween display

A UK woman’s Halloween performance was so lively it inspired an actual police investigation. Police mistook it for a real body, according to a TikTok clip of the mix-up that has been viewed over 5.9 million times.

User @DanielleIt23 posted the video with the caption “Everyday you don’t get blue lights and sirens out,” which was posted by TikTok last week.

Footage shows police officers approaching what appears to be a body wrapped in garbage bags, with sneaker-clad feet outstretched and a guitar resting nearby like something out of a true crime documentary.

The soldier takes an exploratory kick on the macabre prop, accidentally knocking his shoe loose.

The clip ends with the officer preparing to leave the scene, apparently satisfied that the performance was not, in fact, harsh. The audience was in a frenzy over the misunderstanding.

Wonder why mosquitoes bite you and not your friend?

A new study finds that some people are actually “mosquito magnets” and this is probably related to the way they smell. Researchers found that people produce too many “greasy molecules” that are the skin’s natural moisturizing layer, which has an odor that attracts mosquitoes, and people produce them in varying amounts. “If you have high levels of this stuff on your skin, you’re going targeted,” said study author Leslie Voshal, a neurobiologist at Rockefeller University in New York.

crazy swifty

Victoria Brown took her wedding day a step further by dedicating it to her idol, Taylor Swift. The fan shared a video, which garnered 1.8 million views on TikTok, where he also mentioned the star in his pledge.

What are the pants for?

A New York City man has been charged with smuggling three venomous snakes into his pants at the US-Canadian border crossing. Calvin Bautista, 36, was accused of bringing in a Burmese python, one of the world’s largest snakes, which was listed as harmful to humans.

crushed hopes

Northeastern University School of Law in Massachusetts was found guilty of mistakenly sending acceptance emails to thousands of 200 current, 4,000 former applicants and some already enrolled. He blamed a “technical error” for sending the wrong email.

saving becomes danger

A Massachusetts woman who released a swarm of bees at police while trying to serve an eviction notice is facing multiple assaults and battery charges. Rory Woods, 55, had pulled over a trailer carrying beehives in an SUV and broke the cover of one and hundreds of bees stung a policeman.



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